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            Welcome to Jincheng Hongsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.


            ABOUT US



            Business philosophy:
            Loyalty and Faithfulness

            Company mission:

            Our goal is to become an enterprise that is loved and trusted by the public and contributes to the society.

            Company Vision:

            To become an internationally renowned enterprise capable of providing excellent chemical and technical services to global customers.


            Everyone is my teacher, lifelong learning

            Sense of worth:

            Establish enterprises in good faith and conduct the world in good faith.
            Practical innovation and pursuit of excellence;

            Achieve customers and sustain development.

            Business philosophy:

            1. Continuously improve product quality and service level to achieve customer satisfaction;
            2. Continuous improvement of technical level and cost reduction, and improvement of career, environment and welfare;

            3. Constantly explore and innovate, create wealth, and make contributions to the realization of social prosperity and the prosperity of the country.


            1. Tell the truth, act on facts and seek practical results.
            2. Take half a step out to create convenience for others to do a good job.
            3. Creation comes from a sense of crisis.
            4. Efforts will pay off.
            5. Trust will last forever.
            6. The tactical failure is only minor injury, and the strategic failure kills the enterprise.
            7. It is better to have the ability to succeed than to work hard with enthusiasm.
            8. Make it impossible for the possible to win.
            9. Price is not everything. Businessmen win by service.
            CONTACT US



            Contract:Zhang Jinqiang

            Wechat : 13935680677


            Address:East street,Pingcheng Town,Lingchuan County,Jincheng City,Shanxi Province,China


            Copyright:Jincheng Hongsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.

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